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Sinemorets is located south of Royevo, on a peninsula 2 km away from the Valeka River estuary. The name comes from Greek and means ‘azure’. Wrecks of boats from the 5th-6th centuries B.C. and the Middle Ages were found near the Butamayta Bay. Thracian tombs were also found here.
Sinemorets is last but one city near the Turkish border [the last one is called Rezovo]. Wilderness and peace are Sinemorets’s greatest advantages. There are also wild beaches. One of the most beautiful beaches is located near the Valeka River estuary. It is 1 km long and has two shores – the sea and river shores. It is a great place for children and anglers.
The water in the estuary is about 1.5 m deep. The river + the sea = a lot of fish – it is the anglers’ favorite place and they try not to disturb anyone else on the beach.

There are beautiful rocks near the beach – the dives there don’t differ much from diving in Croatia. You can also go on a stroll taking wild paths and reach Ahtopol [about 5 km away]. The waters here are crystal clear and very warm.
There are a couple of top standard restaurants with ‘normal’ prices. Great food, kind service. Domingo, Skriti, Murz and Helios are the best joints here.
There are a couple of small shops where you can buy literally everything. You can also take a boat up the Valeka River and see the amazing natural reserve or go to Rezovo, which is situated on the Turkish border.
It is one of the most beautiful places on the Black Sea coast and that is why many rich Bulgarians build their dachas here.

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