Why Bulgaria?

Real Estates market in Bulgaria still has a high potential for growth.  Tourism and building industry are the ‘driving forces’ of the Bulgarian economy. Tourism market is growing from year to year. Bulgaria has many positives touristic samples like warm sea, the climate and the nature of health (balneotherapy) and mountains. Bulgaria has great landscape and environmental amenities.

You can enjoy the summer season for 5 months – it begins in May and  finish in half of October. The winter season in ski resorts lasts up to 190 days. Bulgaria is just a 2, 3 hour flight for a couple of hundreds PLN [round trip]. Private swimming pools, security, cleaning or laundry services are a standard here and the reason for the tourists to leave their money here thus bring the profit at a  4 % to 7% level yearly from renting the purchased real estates.
  Bulgaria is a politically and economically stable state. Constant and rising budgetary surplus is Bulgaria’s centerpiece. No wonder we observe a specific incursion on the ‘new’ Europe. In April 2006, the British ‘Independent’ wrote that ‘the Bulgarian coast, with its sun, cheap beer and great food will soon become the second Costa del Sol [a popular Spanish tourist region]. Thousands of foreigners have been coming to see the houses on offer.


Bulgaria has however been always ‘rediscovered’ regardless of who the investors are. The popularity of investing in real estates on the Bulgarian is a result of the fact that the prices per 1 square meter in other countries exceed 2000 EUR. 

Moreover, the costs of vacation, recreation, the prices in restaurants and amusement centers are significantly higher in those countries. Purchase of a tourist real estate is the best investment possible because the prices in all noted coast resorts have been rising because the development land has simply been shrinking. The closer the property is to the sea the higher the profits – either from regular monthly rents or from further sale of the property.  

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