Structure of foreign investments

According to preliminary data, the Foreign direct investment in Bulgaria for January – June 2010 was EUR 358.5 million (1% of GDP), compared to EUR 1616.7 million (4.8% of GDP) attracted in January – June 2009. The receipts from real estate investments of non-residents amounted to EUR 98.5 million, against EUR 317.5 million for the period January – June 2009.

By country, the largest net direct investments in Bulgaria for the period January – June 2010 were those of the Netherlands (EUR 933 million), Russia (EUR 103.4 million) and the USA (EUR 47.3 million). The net payments to Austria, the Netherlands Antilles and the UK amounted to EUR 718.1 million, EUR 102.5 million and EUR 82.4 million respectively. The higher net receipts from the Netherlands and respectively net payments to Austria were mainly due to transactions associated with revolving intercompany credits, which shows below table.


Chart. The largest investments in Bulgaria by country.



Source: BNB, 18.08.2010r.


By branch3, the largest investments for January – June 2010 were in Electricity, gas and water supply (EUR 108.2 million) and Real estate (EUR 96 million).


Chart. Foreign Direct Investment Flows by Industry in Bulgaria.



Source: BNB, 18.08.2010r.

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